Lee Tulloch Fabulous Nobodies

Reality Nirvana Tuttle knows what fabulous is. Being fabulous is her life. She is devoted to dressing up. Her frocks - Gina, Dolores, Tallulah, Petula and Blanche, to name but a few - are her best friends, her closest confidantes. In her role as the doorgirl at the hip, Downtown New York nightclub, Less is More, Reality sees herself as the ultimate arbiter of taste, a goddess who stands above the crowd selecting fabulous nobodies from the waiting hopefuls below. When she and her English drag-queen friend Freddie open what they're sure will be New York's most fabulous club in their tiny apartment, Reality becomes really fabulous, and her new fame brings complications, not least among them Hugo Falk, the gossip columnist. She now must face a true dilemma: can people be more important than frocks?

A wonderfully entertaining salsa through the foibles and fashions of metropolitan life in the late 80's, Fabulous Nobodies presents a wry portrait of a generation that celebrates style as an end in itself. As beautifully worked as a Schiaparelli, as sharp as the cut of a CourrĖges, Lee Tulloch's first novel is a truly sensational debut.

I'm standing on the door of the Less is More club, thinking about my fingernails. I'm up here, above the throng, a fashion leader, with the crowd below swooning at my feet, and I'm dressed impeccably from head to toe except for three chipped nails on my right hand. Three chipped nails! This has never happened before. I always check my nails before I leave home. I know how tricky nails can be...

"[A] lighthearted yet devastatingly accurate and witty social satire... Tulloch's cutting humor suffuses every detail."
- Publisher's Weekly.

"Sharp as a knife, Fabulous Nobodies...is a witty, pacey parody of a generation obsessed with style, where models are superstars, and gossip columnists are gods."
- Books Magazine.

"If you have a taste for frivolity, humor and Manolo Blahnik sling-backs, you will be enthralled. Ms Tulloch's voice is sharp, affectionate and hilarious."
- New York Times Book Review.

"Who could resist a book that combines an appealingly dizzy Holly Golightly character with all the trashy glamour of New York...Fabulous Nobodies is as airy as a tulle petticoat."
- Sydney Morning Herald.

"One of my all-time favourite books. I adore it... Tulloch was ahead of her time."
- Marian Keyes.

"I was glued to this book! Reality is such a funny, sharp, fabulous character... and I want her frocks!"
- Sophie Kinsella.

"A clever and campy parody of a girl desperately trying to be anyone but herself."
- Newsday.

"A riot of a story... This a book that makes you laugh and wince at the same time, it's so awful, so funny, so right."
- Cosmopolitan.

"If Holly Golightly had a daughter, this would be her story."
- The Press-Empire.

"Miss Tulloch may not be Proust, but she is very funny, and she likes Emma Peel, and if that isn't Fabulous, I can't think what is."
- Sunday Times.